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Vaccination against measles

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Measles is one of the most dangerous and serious viral diseases in the world. Especially dangerous is the disease in childhood. The seriousness and danger of measles virus, can be judged by the following fact (or properties of the virus), as infectivity (ability to spread), which is a percentage of almost 100%. That is, almost everyone (95%), to be near a patient with measles (classified as a respiratory infection from airborneby distribution), is subject to contamination. Naturally, the children's fragile body in even more at risk. Among other things, measles is very morbid disease that causes a high rate of complications. Symptomatology of patients with measles includes hyperthermia (39-40 degrees), inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and mouth, cough, SAMSAOrc and a characteristic rash. The only effective way to protect a child from the risk of measles vaccination is his. can do district doctor . Despite all the controversy on this issue (related to the quality of the vaccine and complicateeniyami), doctors (up to WHO) strongly recommends that adequate procedures, but, as much as possible to protect yourself and your baby. I mean, compulsory medical examination prior to vaccination, testing the vaccine itself (both visually and medical). The calendar of preventive vaccinations, there is the so called comboSingle measles vaccine - PDA - which, in addition to the measles component contains two other infections - mumps (mumps) and rubella. It is relatively easily tolerated (as compared, for example, by grafting DTP) and do not cause any complications (except predisposition). As a rule, children are vaccinated vaccination PDAs twice: at the age of 1 year andat the age of 6 years.

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