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How to diagnose ECx

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Medicine literally full of different and not very scary terms. One suchis an abbreviation ECx - epithelial coccygeal course or simply cyst coccyx. It's kind of pathology or abnormality of development, which has an innate character and are often, though without any symptoms. The development of the embryo in the upper region mezhyagodichnoy folds may form a cavity formed pleatsepithelium - the so-called progress. ECx and can be called an anomaly and flowing disease, but until the development of the inflammatory process in the epithelium, it does not manifest itself, and does not cause inconvenience "owner". Infection causing inflammation, penetrates through the skin folds passages (pores). Symptomatology ECx includes pain smokedIca, pus in the inflamed area, fever. Factors that may develop inflammation in the anomalous region, the following: hypothermia (including local), trauma, poor personal hygiene. Medical science formulated only two forms of ECx:
- uncomplicated ECx (no visible symptoms, minor distinguishedtion, weak itch);
- complicated ECx (ECx duct infection, which is accompanied by suppuration followed by break out the fat tissue).
Since the disease is congenital (hence, it is possible to sound as chronic) then it can proceed with periods of exacerbation and remission. For there are three basic techniques:
- Sensing (special probe is inserted into the opening of the fistula - erupted ulcer - in order to detect the outlet);
- X-rays of the coccyx;
- sigmoidoscopy.
In addition, there was a general examination and inspection at the proctologist . The procedure does not cause any problems with a specialist, but also treatment (removal) ECx can only be odesbut - surgery.

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