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Many of us use this accessory, like glasses. Who uses it only as a clothing accessory, a sign of style, etc.prob for quite practical purpose (for example, eye protection from sunlight), and the third one, due to the vital necessity (in violation of). In this case, each of the above typecasting, for obvious reasons, can and must make sure that his glasses looked flawless. Here you can play on two components - lenses and frames.The first factor is rather subjective, as largely depends not on human will, and the state of his vision. Consequently, the main and perhaps in many respects, the only way to make your points originality. In the case of rims, the fashion industry has not gone away, made her almost iconic image of many. Frames on the market crustnly much that there is a real need for their structuring and classification, which clearly contributes to a better choice only. So, today can be divided into several groups according to the following criteria:
- design (Tipping, poluobodkovaya, rimless);
- material (metal, plastic, combination);
- destination (constantth or regular use);
- lens shape (round, oval, rectangular, half, fox, butterfly, drop).
Whichever option you do not accept, you should consider three simple rules to your purchase had, both aesthetic and practical convenience:
- quality materials and workmanship;
- the correct position need eyes;
- aesthetic pleasure.

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