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Paste for teeth whitening

October 09 2014

Today's society as a whole and people individually (as a component unit of society)greatly depending on the different kinds of prejudices, many of which are a direct consequence of excessive openness. What used to be hidden and not put on public display today will be instantly available to the public via the Internet. Why, and chasing people in search of ways to look the best. And not the leastin this list is the so-called "Hollywood smooth white smile." Teeth, or rather their state, this is the first thing you notice when a person smiles. Naturally, some problems dentition, such as its smoothness, in the home can not be corrected, and have pretty fork dentist. But we can make teeth whiterbut also at home, without resorting to cosmetic dentistry. And it can be done on a "pleasant and useful": that is, teeth intact and white. It is a toothpaste, but not easy, as the bleach, which withstands processes and pathogenic microorganisms in the oral cavity (actually also what does and ordinary toothpaste), and when it ism cleans enamel, giving it more white. The composition includes the following groups of active substances: abrasives, stabilizers, colorants, foaming agents, fluorine-containing nutrients humectants. On the mechanism of whitening toothpastes all of this genus is divided into two large groups:

  • paste, the effect of the kotoryh comes as a result of plaque removal. They contain in their composition the abrasive particles that blur the raid. Not recommended for the weak structure of the enamel or inflammation of the gums;
  • paste, the effect of which comes as a result of active oxygen. These pastes containingt surfactant - carbamide peroxide which releases oxygen and able to penetrate into the smallest pores of the enamel. Before using these pastes recommended for use with abrasive paste, and at the end of the course - a calcium-containing paste.
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