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Varieties of sofas

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Almost every house, and sometimes the office is an elementfurniture like a sofa - bed soft analogue designed primarily for the seat, which features a padded back. This is one of the most comfortable seats in the house where you can relax, play with children, spend time with friends and family, and, of course, gives the bed. Modern furniture industry offers a wide range of sofas, nand any taste. By the way you want it offers many options for shops, furniture factories, private workshops for the assembly of furniture, online shopping, and so on. D. In spite of the fact that different materials sofas, upholstery design, the main difference is actually a classification occurs by the mechanism of transformation. According to this criterionthe following types of sofas:

- book. The most common and budget version of the couch. Has a width equal to the back of the seat and connected to each other;
- click-clack. Option similar to the book, but instead of having two three positions;
- accordion. Current folding pattern consists of two swivelss half, after retractable seat forward;
- dolphin. A special feature of this design is that the additional part is folded under the main seat;
- EUR book. The mechanism of transformation involves moving forward the seats, and in its place falls back;
- telescope. The support surface includesof 3 parts, which are rolled out one after the other forward;
- cougar. Additional surface folded under the main surface (seat) and roll out when picked up last;
- pantograph. A mechanism similar to the Euro book, but without the use of rollers;
- clamshell. Folding frame-support mechanism (Propertycontinuously cot) and a soft foam mattress folded under the main seat;
- lit. Sofa with hinged side panels in a single form factor.

In addition, the sofa can be distinguished by the structure (straight, angled), purpose (offices, living rooms, kitchens, children).

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