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What is the medical cosmetics?

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Termins « therapeutic & raquo ;, « Pharmaceuti ­ Skye & raquo ;, « Pharmaceutical & raquo ;, « dermatological » cosmetics are synonymous, revealing cosmetics, which is designed to correct cosmetic defects and pathological conditions of the skin. This type of cosmetic prodyut exclusively in pharmacies. Is There, Body, hair, eyelashes.

Cosmetic products that fall under the term "Cosmetics" at ­ appeared in Europe in the early seventies of the 20th century. Izenave ­ medical cosmetics initially created to help people who have dermatologiche ­ cal problems. So problem skin had not just treat, but also nourish, SWpremium ­ accept and defend, in addition, it was necessary given the specificity of leather, and mass cosmetics it was not under force, while Cosmetics was much more active and more efficient and to solve problems that Estheticians considered too difficult, and dermatologists in the ­ go frivolous in comparison with skin diseases. Medical   kosmetLinda is something of a cross between a medicine ­-TB drugs and cosmetics.

The advantage of medical cosmetics is, that it is only sold in pharmacies, which gives some no, but protection against forgery + you get bessplatnuyu consultation pharmacist. This type of makeup is the perfect ratio of quality and price, because its aboutmanufacturers are investing huge amounts of money   in research and development, improving technology and patents, and not in the promotion and colorful packaging. With all of this medical cosmetics effectiveness is confirmed by clinical trials, and make it as pharmaceuticals - according to the highest standards of quality.

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