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Sports nutrition which company is best to choose?

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Today, there are so many manufacturers of sports nutrition and in thisarticle we will try to tell which of them can be trusted and why. Traditionally, all manufacturers of sports nutrition can be divided into 2 groups:   foreign and domestic. Most bodybuilders have a strong belief that bourgeois sports nutrition is much better than domestic. Well argue with that, we will not because the United States hasthe most advanced in the world inustriyu sports nutrition and bodybuilding. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, buy sportpit German and American   Manufacturers: BSN, Twinlab, Prolab, Weider - those brands that long ago proved themselves. Pay particular attention to German products. So the company Multipower more than 10 years receives nailuchshie reviews of both foreign and domestic athletes, and the number of positive reviews, at least 2 times higher than that of any of the American companies manufacturers of sports nutrition. The answer is buried in history, because German products very early came to the domestic market and won his tightly. &Nbsp; In general, it is best to buy cnortivnoe power following companies:

  • BSN;
  • Multipower;
  • Optimum Nutrition;
  • Prolab;
  • Twinlab.

Here you can add and Weider, the truththere is one drawback - the power of the martki often counterfeited, so there is a risk to buy is not for what you pay your money.

What can we say about the domestic sports nutrition? The answer is: almost nothing good. In domestic sigmente lot less money - as a result of much lower quality. &Nbsp; Domestic productivityturer, in order to sell your protein should make it much cheaper overseas. To do this, instead of expensive proteins they use cheap Chinese-made soy proteins. To tell the truth, the domestic sports nutrition bad. &Nbsp; The only domestic brand that stands out from the rest - is the Ironman. It's truefood is the best among the worst.

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