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What is a dental implant

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The modern world is driving the person in a very rigid framework in relation to the appearance and health. Blame this long-awaitedopenness and communication, presented by the Internet and related technologies. As a result, all the hitherto hidden, it became clear, as they say, and therefore, this should meet the high demands of fashion and style. One of these delusions and, at the same time, a real need in terms of health, is smooth, healthy and vibrant smile.Unfortunately, the way of life, and most importantly, the power that we are likely contributes to the reverse - real diseases of the teeth, up to their losses. The phenomenon is very unpleasant, but at the present level of dentistry, or rather its orthopedic industry, disposable. Of course the process is not cheap, but the game is, as they say, is worth it. Mosteffective method to eliminate adentia is prosthetics, using dental   implants. This synthetic, multi-component design that is implanted into the jaw bone, thereby replacing the lost tooth root. Several constructions of implants, but almost all of them are made of a titanium alloy which naimore suitable for matching with the bone and does not cause rejection. Orthopedic practice the following basic types of dental implants:
- endosseous. This laminar implants are used in cases where the physiological bone thickness sufficient to screw the implant. The most stable, cheap, but also the least reliable wid implants;
- Tapered. Implants that most closely mimic the real root. Are purely cylindrical and helical shape;
- subperiosteal. The most complex, resource-constructions which are installed under the gum, and not into the bone;
- endodontic. Used for installation in an existing tooth with a view to ukrecaptivity. The least traumatic method of prosthetics;
- combined. Implant complex form that combines elements of the plate and Tapered types;
- intramucosal.

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