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Colored contact lenses

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Problems with eyesight pursue a person throughoutits history. They may be congenital, age or stuffed (injury or other disease) nature. In any of these cases, if there is a partial loss of vision quality, defects or other, the problem can be solved by using special optical instruments - lenses. They can be large, mounted in a frame (in the form Ptssources), or small in size with a diameter lens in the form of contact lenses. The use of contact lenses allows a normal life, without attracting the attention of the use of glasses. Typically, lenses, unlike glasses not made of optical glass and of optical transparent polymers (e.g., silicone, hydrogel). They differ in material, size, frequency of use. One of the most interesting are the contact lenses, so-called colored lenses. Unlike conventional contact lenses, they perform several other functions, sometimes as a supplement to the main (correction). The main purpose is to color the lens changes color chal (ocular lens). In this regard, colored lenses can be divided into two large groups:

- corrective, which are designed to be worn for people suffering from a type of myopia, but still wishing to make a decorative element in its ordinariness;
- decorative ("zero" ). Designed andprovided for information change eye color.

In-wear, any color lens refers to a group of day. In any case, the choice of contact lenses need to pass a medical examination and advice from specialized professionals.

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