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Flat cooker hoods PYRAMIDA

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The modern kitchen is not even remotely resembles their yeslnih relatives of the Soviet era. It is not just two lockers, large gas stove and sink. Modern kitchen - is almost a work of art that combines headsets (combination of different shapes, materials, styles, colors, functional cupboards, cabinets), illuminations, technical content. Among all built-in kitchention technology, is practically mandatory elements extractor hood. Its role is forced flue gas combustion, steam containing a lot of fat particles of soot. In the absence of hoods, grease particles are deposited in the cooking process, over time, on a wall, ceiling nearby lockers. Hoods are different in design and moschnosti. Among them a special place is occupied by the so-called flat drawing production PYRAMIDA. In general, it should be said that the company is a leader PYRAMIDA in this segment of the market and is able to satisfy the appetites of all sizes. As for the flat hood, then there are about 33 modifications, which are allocated in three model species:

- PYRAMIDA WH. The most lightweight option of regime removal and recycling, the presence of aluminum filters. Performance at 320 cubic meters per hour with a noise level of 50 dB;
- PYRAMIDA GH slim. Also has a capacity of about 320 cubic meters per hour at several highercm noise level of 58 dB. In this case, instead of aluminum used 5-layer filter cassette, as well as additional carbon for air recirculation mode;
- PYRAMIDA BASIC UNO. Has a noise level of the order of 56 dB for the same performance. Filters - aluminum 5-ply.

All other differences,even in macro models, are in the color, width, installation, performance (in some models it reaches 500 cubic meters).

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