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Get quartz lamps - winter ahead!

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Quartz lamps most widely used in medical institutions, although in recent years they are increasingly nare paying for the house. With their help, you can kill most harmful bacteria and viruses. Quartz purification true all year round: in the winter is especially important to protect the room from the flu, and in the summer especially in areas of high humidity (may appear fungus and mold).

Probably the most reliablend means to combat pathogenic bacteria – is a quartz lamp. Buy (Kiev) it is possible in most health stores. It is particularly convenient to make a purchase on the site « Zdorovenk Bouley & raquo ;. Here you will be advised what product to choose. Ordered goods are delivered quickly couriers store.

ACTIONexists a lamp made of quartz glass is simple: the radiation passing through the quartz, become ultraviolet and emits ozone. Because of this chemical compound killed most of the existing bacteria and viruses – including avian and swine flu.

It is worth remembering simple precautions in BPemya use quartz lamp. When a quartz lamp is turned on, the room should not be human or animal. The exception may be only the lamp radiation range which is safe for humans (some models from producer « Sun »). They can be used all year round, without fear for the health.

quartz lamps – an effective means for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Among them – rhinitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, acute respiratory infections, abrasions, diseases of the joints and skin, and others. These lamps can not be used with the active form of tuberculosis and gastric ulcer, blood diseases and the like. d. In any case, before the purchase lamps PROKONSIMultiruytes with your doctor.

As the prevention and treatment in medical institutions is most often used is quartz lamp. Buy in Kiev can be in virtually every specialty stores. Furthermore, if necessary, a lamp installed at home. In this case, you must adhere to the recombinationendatsy doctor and operating instructions.

The blue light quartz lamp is actually a healing for the human body. If you are sick, it is enough to irradiate the room several times, thoroughly ventilate it, and after a few days the disease begins to recede. In addition, the decrease bolevye sensation, has a calming effect on the nervous system in general. In winter, the quartz lamp, buy (Kiev), which can always be in the « Zdorovenk Bouley & raquo ;, acts like the sun. Its radiation is rich in vitamin D, through which strengthens bones and joints. In addition, it helps the body to form a lamp naturabarrier, which prevents the emergence and development of dermatological and oncological diseases. To achieve an even better therapeutic effect, can be treated with a quartz lamp clothing and personal hygiene. In this case, all the harmful bacteria on the surface of things will die.

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