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What causes toothache?

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Even one tooth that hurts constantly whines or can cause a lotproblems and cause you suffering very pronounced. Often toothache makes a person refuse to eat, reduces efficiency, makes him to concentrate. In a nutshell: a person is "unsettled" and his quality of life is reduced. And when with all this, yet there is a violation of general condition and fever... What is the cause of a toothache? The question we try to answer Ryabkov AY - dentist highest category, employee dental center « & raquo ;, Interdentos that provides the best.

The reasons for toothache:

  1. Those that are directly related to the teeth.
  2. Those that are caused by damage to the nerves, bones, etc.

Why toothache almost 100% of the very strong?
And it's true, because it is often a toothache so severe that I want to howl like a wolf, and, moreover, it is rarely negotiated with the scale of the pathological process. For example, whencuts his finger, it does not hurt very much for a long time.

The inflammatory process, which is primarily manifested by edema is the most common cause of toothache is very strong. Place where there is a tooth -   close this hole and when it appears edema, he simply nowhere to break and howresult he is growing in this limited space - as a result after a strong increase in pressure compresses the nerves that fits directly to the tooth.

Why dental pain often occurs at night?

There are 2 variants of a typical beginning of a toothache:

  1. Closer toevening tooth begins to "whining" and then this feeling grows.
  2. Severe toothache man wakes in the middle of the night.

Often, no matter how you tried to get rid of a toothache at night - it does not work, and in the morning they snastupleniem itself passes. What is the reason?

Here are allsimple: it is in the inflammatory process, in which the vast majority of cases, is the cause of dental pain, any inflammation in the body are regulated glands, which are located near the upper edges of the left and right kidneys. These glands secrete corticosteroids - hormones that inhibit inflammation, and in the evening the adrenal glandsinactive, which is why the inflammatory processes and, as a consequence, the pain is very pronounced at this time of day. In the morning, their activity on the contrary, the maximum. That this is the reason that toothache often bothers people at night.

Why when a toothache is best to consult a dentist?

Inflammation is associated with a toothache, in the overwhelming number of cases are caused by pathogenic microorganisms. Even if you can cope with a toothache, then the cause of the pathological process you unlikely to be able to remove without external assistance, as a consequence - germs in the diseased tooth will continuemultiply that after some time will necessarily lead to tooth loss. Therefore, if in the evening starts to bother you toothache, it is highly desirable immediately the next day to visit the dentist.

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