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What veterinary clinic to choose for your pet

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If a person does not care about their health and do not go onto the doctor - it's a private matter. But if you have a pet at home, then you have no right to neglect the health. You are obliged to drive his appointment to the vet. The good news - it's not veterinarians sanitation; less good news - a meeting with a veterinarian should be regular and, most likely, not cheap. You specify a logical question: where in theIti good veterinarian, whose qualifications will help cut your meetings to a minimum - only profilaktikeskih purposes. Danny on the question we try to answer A. Petrov - vet "Aquarius".

private or public hospital?

First you need to be determined with the veterinary clinic. They are stategovernmental and private. Well, there are some nuances: veterinarian who maintains a private practice, most likely a very good specialist, but very rarely specialists who take at home, have the right to examine the equipment. So to make the X-ray, ultrasound or get tested - you will in any case need to take your pet to a veterinary clinicy. The question arises: "Is there any sense to look for then a private doctor?" But if you look on the other side - that doctors most often practiced by private owners house calls and often work around the clock.

Private Veterinary Clinic

Many pet owners choose private clinics becauseThat they are often available in soem newest equipment and there is a huge probability that the good people working here. But   prices in private veterinary clinics often bite, which, in turn, discourages many. But there are pet owners who are convinced that the high price guarantees quality. But, inElika Unfortunately, this is not always the case. As practice has shown: the owners of veterinary clinics or sometimes not interested to keep a high level of his institution, or, for some unknown reason, principally recruit veterinarians who bought his diploma in transit. So you must be careful, because the road is private Vetarinarnaya clinic provides an excellent opportunity to meet a qualified veterinarian, but no guarantee of 100% nobody will give you.

The State Veterinary Clinic

Also, you can contact and the state veterinary clinic. For unknown reasons, many pet owners bypass statennye veterinary clinics, fearing a lead back their pets. Most likely, this situation is due to the fact that these clinics are very bad sponsor, and so they often do not have enough money to purchase expensive medicines and new equipment. Also, many do not go to the state veterinary clinics because persuasionDena that they only work knackers, and this is not so bad after all vet who callously treats animals, you can find even in the most expensive private veterinary clinic. A state Veterinarians just have the opportunity to find a veterinarian with extensive experience. For example, a specialist who treats animals cityzoo or circus. Often, these people are aces in their field, but more than that - but simply « live » their profession and are very fond of their patients. And if we talk about the prices, the state veterinary clinics are much lower than in private.

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