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Spring heartburn: what to do?

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In the spring of aggravated many diseases, it is primarily concerned withed diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, namely, a phenomenon known as heartburn (a burning sensation behind the rib cage, which at times accompanied by weight in zheludkeotryzhkoy, pain in the epigastric region), which in the spring may bother you much more than is usually the case. Can provoke heartburn: alcohol, fatty foods, spices, carbonatedTED drinks, as well as stress and exercise right after eating.

In order to facilitate an attack of heartburn, many, who from time to time id are used for some of the folk with mint, soda solution, milk, and others. Often, however, these methods are not effective enough that, since more than that - they can cause very serious damage to your body.For example, soda really short period of time can relieve discomfort, but the truth is the effect will last for a long time also did not - very soon heartburn pick up again and is likely to intensify. Also, frequent use of soda can disrupt the acid-alkaline balance in the body. Milk same and mint - and does not help to relieve heartburn attacks, but naoborot, - increase them. Therefore it is not worth the risk, and it is better to use against heartburn modern means of traditional medicine.

Now Existing medications for heartburn are divided into 3 groups: alginate (Gaviscon), nonabsorbable antacids (Gastal, Almagel, Maalox), and & nbsp ; absorbable antacids (Rennie).

  1. Suction antacids neutralize the hydrochloric acid entering the chemical. reaction with gastric juice. After you receive them almost instantly feel relief.
  2. The effect of nonabsorbable antacids is later than the suction antacids because they adsorb to the hydrochloricislotu, but their effect lasts longer.
  3. Alginate drugs: well cropped heartburn, adsorbs toxins and gases that envelop the gastric mucosa, stimulate healing.

The rules that must be followed to prevent heartburn:

  • Follow the diet: eatsmall portions, possibly refuse: alcohol, chocolate, carbonated beverages, coffee, fatty and spicy foods;
  • The appearance may contribute to heartburn: dairy products with high acidity, fresh bread, marinated and pickled vegetables - eliminate them from your diet;
  • Do not eat at least two hours before bedtime;
  • Always keep in your home medicine cabinet efficient and reliable modern medication for heartburn.
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