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Which juice select shops or fresh?

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Of course, freshabout squeezed juice for breakfast is much more useful shops. However, in the shop, you can buy a quality juice - you just have to know how to choose. Understand. &Nbsp;

Fresh, concentrated, reconstituted ...

In the world there are following categories of juices: fresh, from-concentrate juices, concentrated and recoveredenes. Read more about them.
The most useful juice - fresh (so-called « FRESH »). The juice is squeezed from the fruit, and it is not subjected to further processing. It should be drunk immediately, no later than 20 minutes to get the most benefit. This juice is usually served in restaurants or specialty stores, where eatings specific equipment for this purpose.
Recovered juices are prepared as follows: concentrate is heated to a temperature of 100 C, held for a few seconds, and then a second cooled to room temperature. Typically, this drink is added vitamins, sugar ... And although these juices for guests do not add Conservanty, colorants, flavors, but at 80% of this market reconstituted juice contains chemicals. On the shelves of the store reconstituted juices are from 10 to 15 hryvnia per liter.
It should also be said that the juices are clarified, unlit and juice from pulp. Illuminated juice more expensive because the technologyNotices processing more complex and requires more resources for lighting. Juice with pulp useful as a flavoring properties that correspond to the most fresh fruit and berries. But unclarified juice rich in vitamins more than illuminated.

Are there fake juice market?

With the development of technology today is not the problemfound adulterated juice in stores. Of course, every company wants to make money and therefore can resort to such actions. Consumers sometimes complain that bought juice, such as banana or strawberry, 10 hryvnia, and he was not 100% natural juice. The fact that it is of such fruits as cherry, banana, mango, peach, withok it is impossible to squeeze, but you can make the nectar.
As the juice is not very expensive, and they can be faked. The most popular option falsifikatsii- breeding natural drink water. Often expensive natural juices mixed with cheaper. It is in the mixed juices rather difficult to detect adulteration. Not Newss today and adding colors and flavors. Accordingly, if the price per liter of juice around 5 hryvnia, it is better to think about, not whether the juice of unwanted impurities. &Nbsp;
The question: "Dobrosovisny you?" - &Nbsp; Deputy Chief Inspectorate for Consumer Protection in the Chernivtsi region Kutinina Hope said,that complaints about damaged or defective juice in the Chernivtsi region was not. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the consumer is not profitable to spend the time to complain. Better not to buy the juice next time. &Nbsp;

To check the authenticity of juice ...

There are times that you buy an orange or grapefruit juice and surprisedeshsya how he could have such a rich color. Therefore, if there are doubts about the authenticity of juice, you can check at home. Must be diluted with a little baking soda in a glass of water and stir. Then add this solution to the juice (grape juice or other red) and follow the reaction. If you changed the color of the drink onbrown, then it is really a natural juice squeezed from the fruit. If orange juice (orange, peach), then you need to add the baking soda into the juice and put the heat up. If the juice is natural, fluid pale and clear. You can also check for the presence of juice flavors. Need to drip juice on your finger and rub. If the fingers areoily, the juice was unnatural.

Each juice is useful in its own

It has long been believed that the juice is useful because it contains a lot of vitamins and assistant in the treatment of several diseases. Doctors warn that the juices can and do harm. You can not drink heavily concentrated, acidic juices for people with high acidity, because it canfurther increase and tease the gastric mucosa. Subsequently, it may be heartburn. Should refrain from such juices and those who are ill with ulcer disease. Would be appropriate to dilute the juice with plenty of boiled water. And who acidity is normal, then the people did not interfere drink acidic juices.
People who suffer from diabetes, are overweight and obese can harm grape juice because it contains large amounts of glucose and calories. Ironically, the use of large amounts of juice can cause a person hypervitaminosis, ie excess nutrients, as well as skin rashes, allergic Dstocks, etc ..
To the benefits and harms of juice consumption did not play a cruel joke, you need to use to evaluate their health. If you have any illness and doubt, a certain drink juice or not, consult your doctor. And then you can use the health and benefit.
For many consumers, the juiceu any drinks, where the labels are drawn fruits. But not all the juices on the shelves. Are not deductible composition can buy and nectar, and juice, and drink with fruit juice. European standards clearly define that soki- natural fruit beverages, which contain from 80% to 100% juice. Therefore, as the doctor-gastroenterologist to regionallinicheskoy Hospital Les Micol is best to use fresh juices, because it will then be confident that the glass is nothing but the actual juice. However, daily drink fresh juices quite expensive.
Most often, buy juices children, because young body needs a lot of vitamins. Pediatrician city PolikomLINIK number 4 Valentina Antonovna says: Children can give juice to 6 months if the child is breastfed, and if artificial, then 5 months. Start standing with apple, carrot, good enough with pumpkins, cabbage and beets. Children may have an allergic reaction, if you give juice from citrus and orange juice from fruit andvegetables.
With respect to adults, the nutritionists recommend to combine juice, because it can be quite a good tonic drink. Lesya A. tells us that in each of fruits and vegetables have a useful vitamins. So what benefits us « promise » juices?
juices do not get involved,better to drink in small amounts and enjoy the taste.
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