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Thistle powder that cleans the liver

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Milk Thistle is the same: thistle breastFirst, Marin thistle, thistle silver, Carlina - is one of the most useful plants. From the rest of weeds it is distinguished in terms of white color on the leaves. According to legend - these these specks are milk of the Virgin Mary.

This unique herb has been known for more than 1000 years ago in ancient Rome powder rastorolandowner used to treat liver and in India and Europe used with cirrhosis and hepatitis. This was a truly homely grass very popular immediately after the Munich Pharmaceutical Institute in 1968 spent figuring its biochemical composition.

The main component contained in the powder milk thistle - is ailimarin, which in turn is a rather rare bioactive substance. Furthermore silymarin in milk thistle, also has: flavolignany, selenium, copper, zinc, kvertetsin, fat-soluble vitamins and fatty acids.

How to apply powder milk thistle:

Daily use as skin balm (course PRIEMa should be 40-50 days). The most important purpose of a thistle - is cleaning the blood, liver, and whole organism from: toxins, radiation, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Thistle powder (flour) helps to reduce blood sugar levels and treat varicose veins. You can even just multivarku add powder milk thistle and millet porridge, and you nObtain the desired effect!

Recent studies suggest that milk thistle has protective properties, it is effective when: fatty liver, chronic poisoning with chlorine, the presence of such serious diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatitis, which was the consequence of alcohol, radiation , toxins or drugs.

Now, this herb is used for:

• immunodeficiency,
• poisoning and intoxications,
• Obesity,
• fall of,
• diabetes,
• cardiovascular diseases.
• toxicosis in pregnant women.

To contraindicatedazan powder milk thistle:

Oddly enough, but this amazing herb has almost no contraindications, but in the process of cleaning the liver may appear minor pain, especially if you previously this plant never before did not drink. And when you have a gallbladder or ducts are stonesWhereas it is desirable to begin treatment under the supervision of a physician and better with small doses. With respect to pregnant women, doctors opinions diverge.

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