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Choosing a hairstyle according to the lunar calendar

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Significantly stepped in its development, mankind as far distant from their origins, losing connectionwith nature. Modern man no longer relies on the advice of the Internet, radio or television, while his not so distant ancestor (some hundred years ago) to rely on their own knowledge and feelings, general knowledge about the nature of people and communication with her. It is today we have a variety of means to make, say, a gracefulhair, and in ancient times it was not even close. Today we do hairstyle if necessary, adjusting its time to any important event, and our ancestors tried to do everything, including a haircut based on phase character of the moon, without losing thus connection with nature. Moreover, it is now we disparage our Volohimself, and for our ancestors, hair was a source of strength and knowledge, so before anything to do with them, it was necessary to choose the right time. The ancients knew what impact has the moon on all processes in the world and that is why choosing a hairstyle according to the lunar cycle - they had. Priotkroem little secret, which certainly does not representso the average person - the period of the Moon has the same effect on the growth rate and condition of the hair, as well as the strength of the tides in the ocean. Certainly, each of us noticed that haircut, made by the same person can hold different. This is nothing like the Moon's influence on our body in terms of biorhythms.

Here are some basic rules or recommendations, according to which your hair will look better:

- the best result is observed when mowing during the growing moon and new moon;
- the best for cutting days are 8, 14, 19, 21, 26, 27 and 28 of the month;
- should be considered polotion of the moon in the zodiac constellations and choose the most suitable match (Leo, Libra, Gemini, Virgo).

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