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Onychocryptosis or ingrown nail

October 19 2014

Modern man (this applies to all, both men and women) often worried about their appearance thanand comfort. This directly concerns such accessories like shoes, which often neglected in terms of comfort for the feet, for the sake of some imaginary brightness of the image. This is largely due to certain prejudices of society, but health is first and foremost it rather than public duty. One of the most common problems, Including the wearing of tight shoes is Onychocryptosis. For such a frightening medical term hides a fairly common problem such as. Most often, it affects the big toe, and, in addition, tight shoes, can be caused by: a genetic predisposition, injury, fungus or improper clipping the nails. Recently,probably affects the nail more ingrowth of other reasons. Nail clipping, no need to do a rounded edge or try to cut them as close as possible to the ground. In this case, the edges of the nail with a further increase in soft tissue cuts a finger without having space for growth. The consequence of this process is the development of inflammation, suppuration and dReformation of soft tissues. Can solve this problem at home (at first barely visible symptoms) or a doctor, but one and the other way need to be implemented immediately, because ignoring may eventually lead to loss of the nail, and even finger (if the inflammation will grow seriously). At the first sign Onychocryptosis, you can at homeconduct baths with sea salt, propolis. If the pain is gaining pulsating character, then began a purulent inflammation and require immediate visit to the doctor. Further, all depends on the cause Onychocryptosis, eliminating problems occur most often by surgical intervention, the aim of which is to remove part of the nail plate and be amazedennoy tissue.

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