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How to get rid of tattoos

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The art of decorating their bodies with tattoos is one hundredl ancient history as art and drawing at all. Reasons why such a person to a particular way of decorating their bodies are different, both historically and culturally. If in ancient times, tattoos were applied mostly soldiers (for example, in Polynesia or Scandinavia, or Britain) as an element of intimidation enemy and visual informationand the status in the society, valor and achievements. Modern tattoo fans abandoned some of its less militant causes, preferring to tie certain themed tattoos on his body to the significant events in the life and worldview. Yes, today, tattoos are still warriors certain types of troops (for example, VDV or navy)But it is rather a tribute to the tradition and identification with the relevant unit. In most other cases of modern tattoo discharge status passed into fashion, exactly the same as a fashionable gadget or item of clothing. But it happens not infrequently, when a person's world is changing, and yesterday's tattoo begins severalnot fit into the current image (for example, it does not pass face control at work). Modern technologies and methods allow to solve this problem by removing your tattoo.

Ways to get rid of a few bored with the scenery:

- applied over the original drawing the other, with moresponding to the current image;
- together with the top layer of the skin;
- the introduction of the subcutaneous ball pigments, solvent dyes;
- Laser surface treatment;
- peeling skin;
- photocorrection.

Which method you choose depends on the financial capacity and proper risk assessment procedures.

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