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Ergonomic Italian furniture

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None of the room, though somehow used by man is not complete without a no furniture. Naturally, in a pleasurem house or apartment furniture is an integral part of the interior and design ideas. The list is almost mandatory accessory includes a kitchen, table, chairs, bed or sofa, and a variety of cabinets. The main component material for furniture is of course the tree (it does not matter, the furniture is made from solid or particle board). Atsuch a very solid stock of wood that we have, it is not surprising that Ukraine has many furniture factories and private entrepreneurs working order. But the benchmark in the furniture industry is considered furniture made in Italy. Its quality is confirmed by centuries of history. In addition, the Italian furniture: characterizinguetsya wealth of stylistic forms, ergonomics, color variety and, most importantly, - safety and environmental protection. Another important, and perhaps most important, feature high-quality furniture is its use for human health.

This is determined in the following points:

- the use of clean and safe and healthy materials;
- Ergonomic shape and design that provides the correct position of the body (primarily musculoskeletal system), and, hence, a uniform load distribution;
- functionality and usability, allowing to make the least effort to transformfurniture, and ensure the maximum security of the person.

All these factors are met in any Italian furniture, though, if only because of the money it costs, the weight it should be by default.

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