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Any living creature on this planet is part of a certain (small or bolshogo) society. Whether it's a lion and his pride a little, or a person in a multimillion or even billion-community. Of course, there are smaller (relative) social groups of people on a specific common interest, such as the language of communication. Once upon a time, according to legend, all the people speak the same language, but a higher power resolutelyDo complicate the human life by dividing it into language groups and thereby setting a precedent search of understanding. This is especially important in today's environment where cooperation has gone beyond domestic and unites the entire continent. But it so happened that even with a good education, but there is no real and constant practiceQuality of knowledge gradually disappears. This could be a stumbling block in the way of, for example, international cooperation, which in any case is reinforced by the signing of contracts. And here, as the time comes to the fore literacy and accuracy of the translation of the text of the contract, which is high quality and at an appropriate level may MYolnit only (for example, in Kiev - a translation agency "Azurite B"). The scope of the professional duties of the average translation agencies include:

- translation of texts, literary works, magazines;
- translation and examination of business and technical documents;
- Transfer between legal and copperQing literature;
- consecutive or parallel translation.

In addition to translation, any Office will provide an interpreter who will translate verbal (eg, conferences, excursions and other things).

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