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Capabilities and features two-wheel tractor

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So, tillers is a multifunction device, akind of uniaxial minitractor used for garden and suburban areas, in a personal or farms. By itself, it is just a simple self-propelled device, but with the help of the installed attachment is capable of solving a wide variety of tasks. Most often used for all kinds of tillage - plowing,harrowing, cultivating, hilling. It can be used for harvesting potato, as a mower or snow blower. If desired, this unit can be installed soil cutter, circular saw or water pump. And, of course, trailers for walk-behind tractor trailer or truck special, it is often used for the transportation of goods.

If we talk about the technical device tillers, then it includes the engine, transmission parts, chassis, control systems and aggregation. Depending on the engine power tillers are divided into 3 classes:

  • light, 1 — 3.5 hp.;
  • average, 4 — 6.5 hp.
  • heavy, 7 — 10 hp.

In the modern single-cylinder four-stroke products installed internal combustion engines. Units light and middle classes are equipped with gasoline engines, and heavy often driven by a diesel engine. Power is usually chosen, osnovyvayass on the complexity of the work and the area of ??the treated area.

Transmission power tillers is found in several different versions of classic gear, PTO, to have appeared recently gidroobmnoy. Wheels, depending on the class, are removable or not, all-metal orpneumatic. The control system is somewhat reminiscent of a motorcycle wheel. The left arm is usually located clutch control, and on the right - the speed of movement and braking. Speaking of Ukrainian market, having from two to six front, as well as a two-speed rear. Modular system, giving complementaryitelnuyu similarity with the tractor, provides reliable operation of all types of attachments.

Due to various technical and design features tillers choice today is very rich. Of course, their use is impractical large agricultural enterprises, but for owners of small seground areas they become indispensable helpers.

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