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Zeleynaya factory

Are pleased to announce the opening of a new site direction Zeleynaya factory!

We are careful in this matter and have created a unique portal: a unique style Russian epic in graphics, traced by the artist especially for the site Zeleynaya factory blends with modern light background, expressing the essence of areas: innovative technology and old recipes of masters zeleynogo case.

Easy navigation allows any website user to find information.
The site is very informative: in one place a full description of the product, application recommendations and perceived image.
Special attention was paid to the design of the product: the bright, well-drawn images - the Wizard class design.

We are proud to present our new project, because it fully reflects our core mission - to bring health to people! We sincerely hope that your appeal for a new internet portal will be for you an endless source of interesting information.

Zeleynaya factory - a tribute to the centuries-old traditions zeleynogo affairs, art implementation of the most arcane secrets of health... All products are based on the knowledge of human nature and the traditional Russian recipes herbs with innovative technologies.

On pages Zeleynoy factory you will find many useful and fascinating articles meet the full range of products, learn the secrets of the ancient masters zeleynogo case and discover the formula for health.

We invite you to visit our new website at
Zeleynaya factory - spoon health every day!

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