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Probably not a man on earth who has at least once in my life have a toothache. Quite often meetingare people who occasionally visit the dental office, and not for routine inspection and to address specific (often neglected) problems. Simple caries no surprise, because it is almost everyone, and not even once. More difficult to cure its complications - pulpitis, periodontitis, etc. It will be more expensive, and bAulnay. All this, in principle, standard procedures, but there are times when it is necessary to correct defects of individual teeth or whole dentition. In these cases, a technology-based veneers or Lumineers. They represent a false plate composite, polymer or ceramic materials. Their main purpose -simulate the outer layer of the tooth. If we consider the more scrupulously, the veneers perform any correction (removal of defects) or protective (protecting enamel from external aggressions) function. By the method of manufacture of veneers is isolated in two main groups: therapeutic (manufacturing takes place in a dentist's office, at the place of the compositeitov that are similar in composition to the material seals) and orthopedic (manufacturing is done in the laboratory and to a cast made of the tooth). Pricing in the installation of veneers is for two main criteria: the cost of materials and cost of operation. And he and the other criterion may have a fairly wide diapazone prices depending on the needs and capabilities of the client. For example, the therapeutic category is in the range of from 1,000 to 5,000 USD, but orthopedic stand up to 15,000 USD. Veneers - this is a great alternative to conventional restoration, since it does not require anesthesia, tooth grinding.

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