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The benefits of tea for kidney

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A common disease requiring continuous treatment is & nbsp ;. In what way andzbezhat excessive taking medication to reduce to a minimum damage, which is applied to the human body synthetic drugs?


tested for centuries, the effectiveness of traditional medicine, many recipes have long been taken intoattention to modern medicine. All pharmacies, on the shelves in abundance all kinds of teas and fees herbs. What are folk remedies for treating kidney disease?


Since the system is responsible for the urinary output of water fromthe human body, metabolic products of salts and substances, the most effective folk remedy for the normalization of kidney function are directly teas. Drinking tea, a significant improvement in tubular function (renal), provokes urine alkalization and increased diuresis. If, according to the rules to make teafor the kidneys, it will help in the complex therapy of the disease, speaking an independent remedy.


How to treat kidney tea

If you have kidney disease, the most common folk remedies are: infusion of horsetail and a decoction of rose hips (fruit dining spoon, pour a glass of boiling water). Kidney tea of ??horsetail is prepared as follows: it is necessary to fill two teaspoons of herbs cup of boiling water and infuse for half an hour.Cooked this recipe for tea buds, you need to drink sips throughout the day, about a liter per day.


It is extremely effective and simple kidney tea is obtained from birch spring (young) leaves. Prepare infusion, based on takogo calculation: one hundred grams of leaves (chopped) two cups of boiling water. It is necessary to insist in six hours, and then press the drink twice a day, half of the glass. Tea for kidney from birch spring (young) leaves, rich in vitamin C, and also helps with fine available edema. Kidney disease, another popularmeans: birch sap, diluted with water, which is recommended to drink a glass a day.


In the winter, kidney tea

For the winter time and proven effective for kidney tea made from a blend of herbs (dried), St. John's wort and centaury. This kidney tea is made from the dried inflorescences taken in equal proportions and used as a tea, priyadeleterious to the taste. It is used as an alternative to the usual morning and evening tea.


Pharmacy kidney tea  

People who can not (or unwilling) to prepare a broth, can be recommended, sold in various pharmacies tea for kidney prepared from Orthosiphon. The spectrum of activity of the kidney tea is very extensive: it is an effective meanswith urethritis, cystitis and glomerulonephritis; action exerts (antiseptic) to bodies (urinary) increases bile secretion and also enhances the secretion of gastric juice. However, we must remember that Orthosiphon (grass) has a pronounced hypotensive action, thus can significantly lower blood pressure. &Nbsp;

All the teas for the kidneys used for a long time – about six months. Kidney tea, as well as other herbal preparations, does not give instant results. Manifested effect of not immediately, but The result is a profound improvement in healththe patient.


If you have severe kidney disease, even if you apply a kidney tea, you can not give up the drugs prescribed by your doctor, at least, immediately prior to a significant improvement in health.


Kidney tea significantly reduces the sensation of pain significantly increases appetite human bile reduces the number of leucocytes and mucus increases many times the secretion of hydrochloric acid and gastric juice in patients suffering from acuteand of chronic cholecystitis and cholelithiasis.


Kidney tea is also recommended for use during pregnancy because it helps prevent swelling. In addition, kidney tea purifies the human body from toxins, bringing Toxieare, for this reason, the drink you can drink as a restorative and preventative tool.

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