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The most popular size mattress

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Everyone knows (or at least shouldunderstand from personal experience) how important sleep state of the body, general health and well-being in particular. Somewhere in their cozy offices statisticians calculated that the average person sleeps about a third of his life, respectively, to extend its term, requires regular and high-quality sleep. This is subject to the following two important convovy: comfort in the bedroom (the optimum temperature, freshness and humidity) and high-quality bed, or rather, not so much the bed, how much of it designed to sleep. At the present stage, beds with adjoining surfaces are made only in the form factor of the couch. In other cases, it is recommended to use the art of sleepatsionarnuyu not Rollaway bed having skeletal system of slats on which to lay down special orthopedic bed - mattress. Its size depends on the size of the bed, which in turn depends on the size of the room. And here it would be appropriate to mention that not every bedroom is large enough to install the fullRate double bed. Alternatively, you can use three-quarter bed, which is suitable for cm. Features allow manufacturers to produce mattresses of all sizes, including sesquioxides. The next step, after determination of the dimensions is the choice of mattress type (or spring type springless). There is already an important role gamesquire the physiological characteristics of a person (height, weight, presence of abnormalities of the musculoskeletal system). If the design of the bed or finances do not allow to stop a choice on an orthopedic mattress, you can choose to replace cotton mattress of the same size 190 x 120 cm. The filler used cotton wool, which yavlyaetsI clean and resilient material. Case of the mattress is made from natural calico, easy to clean and has excellent durability. The price of such a mattress can be several times (or even an order of magnitude) below the prosthetic options.

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