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What is alcoholic encephalopathy

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All of us in some way is a fan of science fiction, in any of itsmanifestation. One of the areas of science fiction, like art, is futurism, that is fantastic fictional description of events in the distant future. In many of these works (both literary and artistic) future seems to us perfect, with no harm to the environment, disease, hunger, bad habits.Unfortunately, it is not so rosy as it is drawn. For example, if we compare the company 50 years ago and the present, the progress is evident throughout, and the unthinkable at the time. about the same progress grow and related issues: catastrophically bad ecology, disease, stress, unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits, such as alcogolizm - one of the most common. This is not the lot of the poor, because the wealthy alcoholic too much and this is due to permissiveness and constant stress in which they live. Alcoholism, in addition to the dependence (psychological and physical), may also be accompanied by a variety of severe concomitant diseases, one of thewhich is encephalopathy (details about its symptoms and treatment can be about). This is a group of diseases of the brain, not the inflammatory nature, which has destructive, degenerative effect on the brain tissue, which ultimately leads to a violation of its functions. The most common symptoms of alcoholic encephalopathy (as, indeed, and otherits types) are: memory impairment, headaches, dizziness, poor sleep and depression, fatigue and general weakness. The only effective and affordable method for diagnosing the state of the brain is MRI and REG. With regard to the treatment of encephalopathy, it must begin with the termination of the current alcoholsynovitis on the body, detoxify the body. Next, you need to use a group of drugs, which play an important role in the metabolism of the brain - nootropics. And, of course, vitamins (especially B group) and a proper diet rich in dairy and fish products.

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