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Wristwatches U-BOAT

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Watch is an inherent part of any self-respecting man. It is a measure of solidity (of course, onlyWhen the clock quality, branded and expensive) and pedantry (a man who has his hand on the clock, used to value their time and organize it). Worldwide, there are many watch manufacturers, but the standard hours are considered Swiss masters. It's kind of a universal trend, combining various Swiss brand, kotorye does not get tired to hit quality, design, and, of course, price. However, branded watches in old Europe produces not only Switzerland, and not only she manages to create high-quality accessories that combine modern technology and materials with the classical traditions and knowledge of the guild of watchmakers. It is about the Italian brand, andis - a. It accounts for the origin of the distant 1942 and owes its existence to the owner and principal inventor Ivo Fontana. Created at the time the clock were extremely shock and water resistance, large size, an interesting design of the dial, unique for its time, allowing equally effective Playbackinformation you receive are in any light and any time of day. Another innovation can be regarded as a decision about placing Fountains charging mechanism on the left side of the clock, which led to an increase in functionality and security. Unfortunately, revolutionary for its time, invention, and not a thing of the series, in connection with military operations in Europe, and celyh half a century has gone into oblivion. Only at the turn of the twenty-first centuries, the grandson of Italo Fontana. He was so impressed by what he saw once in the cockpit, he decided with new ideas to revive the old brand of his grandfather. Modern U-BOAT - it's all the same quality and excellent protection against all external factors, a large dial with as large numbers and bright dizAinu. Modern watches U-BOAT - a combination of high quality, functionality and brilliant marketing strategy, including the design and price. This is a great alternative to the Swiss brands, nothing inferior in quality and price.

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