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Porridge Lakomka

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Quick-cooking porridge Lakomka

We bring to your attention a new product Artlife - Porridge Lakomka with chocolate balls, rich in calcium and vitamin D3.
Quick-cooking porridge with chocolate balls Lakomka is a line of functional food Baby, designed specifically for children.
Everyone knows that the grains are very useful for all ages, especially indispensable they are in infant formulas. From an early age children are the basis of the diet was porridge, without which the menu is simply not enough. Porridge - it's delicious and nutritious breakfast, healthy dinner. Cereal kids get 30% of energy, which is so necessary for them to play, learning and development. Useful flakes provide a growing body with essential vitamins and trace elements, contribute to proper operation of the digestive tract, strengthen the immune system.
Porridge Lakomka with chocolate balls prepared from natural, high quality components, has high nutritional and biological value, does not contain flavor enhancers. The product includes two types of cereal - oats and barley. During production and preparation of flakes are minimally processed, and therefore, the maximum retain all the desirable properties. The composition of oatmeal contains vitamins B, K, iron, fluorine, iodine, phosphorus, potassium.
Barley flakes contain not only high in fiber, and B vitamins (B1, B2, PP), and beta-glucan - a soluble fiber, which is extremely useful for the heart and blood vessels.
Porridge Lakomka enriched with calcium, so necessary in children for proper formation of bones and strengthening bone, and vitamin D3, which helps calcium properly assimilated by the body.
Crispy chocolate balls that are part of the new cereal, especially delight your child.

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