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What is anti-bedsore mattresses

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In today's world, much attention is paid to promoting a healthy lifestyle, an integral part of kotorogto have a sound sleep. The benefits of and need for the latter, you can talk long and hard, but it is able to understand anyone getting up out of bed not slept. Manufacturers' offer customers a large number of orthopedic mattress type that most properly distribute the load of the spine during sleep, thereby providing organicSCM better rest. Among all this variety of mattresses, there is a group such that perform specialized functions - warning of pressure sores. With that faced by many people who have had surgery, and forced to stay a long time in the supine position, or paralyzed people. They all share thefactor that prolonged exposure to a horizontal position, will inevitably come into contact with a constant pressure on the body tissues, causing poor circulation, numbness and necrosis - actually bedsore. The essence of the design and operation of anti-bedsore mattresses is to create the effect of dynamic pressure on different parts of the body. Incidentally, mYou can buy the online store, "MEDICA". As an orthopedic mattress on independent springs, this mattress is made of cellular framework, each cell is filled with air instead of springs. The main feature of bedsore mattress is uneven filling air cells (usually staggered) with a period typically from 5up to 10 minutes. To do this, complete with mattress microcompressors. Furthermore, the surface of the mattress has a microperforation that provides additional ventilation and air access to the superficial tissues. According to the construction of cells, cellular and mattresses are tubular, because at different stages of development of pressure sores requires various therapiesvtichesky effect.

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