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Extension of the house: the construction of the attic

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In the life of any owner of a private house moJette come a time when you need the expansion of living space. As a rule, this is due to the extended family, the advent of children or grandchildren, but there may be a spontaneous decision to reschedule the building. If formed desire, understanding and intention, the next stage is the planning work. At this stage, plays a key rolet is not so much the financial component, the choice of how much the scale, the direction of expansion, as well as ways to implement this project. The scale of the expansion of housing and its direction depends primarily on the size of plot development. If you analyze most of the private sector of the city, we are struck by the extremely limited and sandwiched Areaad section. In such circumstances do the side (horizontally) extension, then pick up a significant portion of useful houses adjoining areas. Therefore, the best, in terms of having enough free space, is expanding the vertical direction, that is, the upper extension, for example, the attic floor. Ethen save the courtyard area and allow equal to the area of ??the room on the floor above. Determine the direction of extension, you can proceed to the next step, namely, work planning and the selection of the optimal method of construction, by the way, in most cases. At this stage, again, keep in mind the original founding factors: state and settlementth (approximate) resource foundation and walls, since they will actually hold another full floor. As a rule, most of the private sector - not buildings and elite settlements, and the average building 20-30 a year ago (and even more). Foundation, walls, ceilings of these buildings has weakened condition and unlikely tot stand the extra (and not small) load. Therefore, before proceeding to a milestone, it is necessary to strengthen the foundation. To do this around the house must be installed and concreted metal support columns that are linked at the top of the rigid structure of the metal profile (sill). Already at this frame made distanceNation installation of walls and ceilings of the attic. What materials to build it - your business, but since we have deliberately weakened structure (even with the frame), it is best to use the frame-panel technology, the construction of the attic. Its advantage is, primarily, the ease of the design, as well as the lowest costah time and money for the construction. Briefly explain the essence of technology, the wall and truss system are associated frame of wooden beams of different cross sections. The gaps between the bearing bars are filled with warmth and waterproofing materials,   and sheathed   SIP-panels. In the future, it will be the basis for carrying out the sameLaem external (upholstery foam, plastering, painting, siding, laying metal) and internal works.

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