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Principles of selection podushok

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What is the pillow knows virtually every person in the world, if not in the well-known form, at least from the substitute itemsand materials. This is one of the elements of bedding, which is designed as a lining for the head during sleep. Similar in purpose items have been discovered by researchers in the times of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. We airbag known as rectangular bag filled with feathers. This design or layout of the ethat subject for the first time, historians believe, was formed during the times of ancient Greece and Rome (where, incidentally, it would be appropriate to recall the famous story of how the geese saved Rome). Despite the different views on the necessity or uselessness of pillows, it is still necessary, at least in terms of human physiology and structure of his body - ethen the same means for the proper maintenance of the body during sleep, as well as memory foam mattresses. That is why the choice of pillows is a matter of responsible and highly individual. So what are pillows and how to approach their choice? The first and most probably, an important parameter is the material of the cavity filler cushions, ase which may be: down (goose or duck), synthetic fibers, latex, foam temperature. Each of them has its own impact on the overall comfort and anatomical properties of pillows. Furthermore, it is important to consider the shaping factors in terms of dimensions, height, hardness, shell material. Overall, this is an individual process and for the correct itemodbora pillows in each particular case it is better to use the manufacturer's and specialized dealers (distributors). By the way, buy, namely, in the company of "Bivik" which produces and sells textile products for over 15 years.

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