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Several ways to improve immunity

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More and more people have become interested in nowissues of improving and strengthening the immune system. He is spoken more and more. In our tough environmental time is simply impossible not to think about and not to take any action. So what did this « & raquo ;, immunity for what and how it should improve? Many are interested in works of art are interested in where, but fewpeople think about the impact that the immune system health. From a medical point of view, the immune system is a collection of cells, tissues and organs that function, protecting the body from adverse both external and internal influences. She seemed to be blocking, serves as a shield from the most different infectionss. Such as for example:

  • fungal infections;
  • viral infections;
  • bacterial infections.

A few basic signs of a weakened immune system

Immunity seems shield barrier for various diseases.And when its functions are weakened, the body sends signals directly to us.

Here are some of these signals:

  1. Very frequent SARS or ARI. Similarly, in principle, subject to the disease almost everything, but if the disease is repeated more than 4-5 times per year, it is already Signalscarlet abnormalities in the immune system and it needs immediate assistance.
  2. The long process of healing and recovery of the body.
  3. The frequent occurrence of allergic and fungal diseases, also connected directly to the weakening of the immune system.
  4. Dysbacteriosis or disorder of the intestine, which may be a manifestation ofbe constipation or diarrhea.
  5. One of the signs of weakened immunity is fatigue, drowsiness and apathy. It may be chronic fatigue syndrome, weakness.

Ways to improve and strengthen the immune system

The methods and recommendations on this subjectyou can hear, see and read a huge amount. It is best in this case, consult a specialist immunologist. But no one can damage the general recommendations for strengthening the immune system.

    For example, such as:
  1. Increase physical activity. Not sOC talk – Movement is life! You must try to move more, enjoy hiking, by any physical activity. You can go swimming in the pool, workout in the fitness or dance halls, but you can just run in the morning, for example in the adjacent park.
  2. Establish proper sleep. The constant lack of sleeption can lead to very serious health problems.
  3. Get rid of, preferably, from all bad habits (This overindulgence in alcoholic beverages and smoking, unhealthy starvation or overeating).
  4. It is important to establish the correct balanced diet, without the use of artificial preservatives and chemical beautteley.
  5. Hardening of the body is considered as one of the main ways to strengthen and improve immunity. This contrast showers and walking barefoot whenever possible – on the floor, sand, gravel. Stimulation of the countless number of biologically active points on the soles of a person always has a positive effect on the rearHur man. To a process of hardening can be attributed visiting baths and saunas as well as at high temperatures the human body is cleansed of toxins, but such procedures are not suitable for everyone and better about it, consult a doctor.

Remember, you need to take care of their ownhealth, the health of your immune system. It is possible, but the health of any price – any wholesale or retail can not buy!

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