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Damage to the washer: Closed draining

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In the light of the extent to which our everyday lives penetrated new items uThe digital and automated equipment, nobody will be surprised by the presence in every home washing machine. It is not just an additional household appliances (such as microwave or coffee grinder), but only indispensable thing, helper of every good housewife. Probably not worth a reminder how much laundry to accumulate in eachIU per week, and sometimes during the day. Naturally, with the image and the rhythm of life, which is the modern man and woman in general, as a homemaker in particular, it is simply irreplaceable thing that saves a lot of time. But how perfect would not be a car, it is a technical device and subject to failure. The most hAsta breakdown in modern machines that needs repair - is a separate operation after washing. The reasons for this phenomenon may be a pump failure or blockage in the drain pipe from the pump (filter, connecting pipe, drain hose). Consider these three most common options in detail:

  1. Check and clean the filter pump. As a rule suffers most and is mainly due to the small metal parts falling from the drum. Virtually every stiralka pump filter is located on the lower right side of the front, under the escutcheon. He gets out quite easily and just as easy to clean, and setssmiling back. It is necessary to check first, as this will prevent the other faults or push in the right direction;
  2. Check the discharge pipe. He has a connection in the form of a rubber bellows, in floors which can be freely stuck coin or other small thing;
  3. Check the pump impeller. He checked in the least, because of its location on the line. Results pump test may be two: clogged impeller (fault elimination is reduced to cleaning work surfaces), or a problem with the pump (to be replaced) .
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