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When the family may need a family psychologist

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0 2001

Almost all plants and living creatures, includingI am a man, characterized by a dualistic nature, that is, to perform the main instinct of preservation of the population - procreation - requires a combination of conditional male and female cells. After the unification of these two principles, there is an origin, formation, the birth of a new life and its further growth before independence.It all depends on the social organization of "parents": some species provide offspring themselves from birth (fish, turtles), some, raising children engaged exclusively a female (eg, leopards), and some species are raising children shared by the fathers and mothers . This occurs in humans, with the proviso thathuman society, especially modern, much more complex in terms of the psychological organization and functioning. Actually, everything in nature must strive for harmony, including the family, which in its simplest form consists of a father, mother and child. Each of them - is an individual, with its own character, attitudes and beliefs, and floorto impose additional conditions and obligations for each of the family members in the pursuit of harmonious coexistence. This is extremely important, because only warm and strong family relationships are the key to a happy life and a better development as a family as a whole and its individual members. Unfortunately, the pace of modern life, the decline of moral receivedples negatively affect the relationship of all family members, undermining the basis for relations. It all depends, first of all, from the individual family members, their moral and psychological maturity, ability to understand and solve the problems on their own. In the case on its own can not do, in maintaining normal mutuallyimootnosheny and family as a whole will assist qualified. It will help to solve the most complex such issues and problems, such as: family conflicts, difficulties of parenting disputes, depression, lack of motivation, self-confidence, stress, fear, lack of understanding of family values ??and principles of the organization.

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