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Why sore lower back?

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Back pain – samath common ailment. To get rid of the pain, you need to figure out the cause. Pain in the lower back can provoke more than a dozen reasons:

• scoliosis;
• osteoporosis;
• tumors in the vertebrae;
• infectious and non-infectious diseases of bone tissueand;
• kidney disease;
• tuberculosis;
• infectious diseases of the genital organs;
• tumors in the uterus (in women);
• endometriosis.

In most cases, discomfort in the lower back heals. But before you visit this specialist desirable Proconsult a physician. The doctor will give direction to the common tests and examinations by other specialists, to prevent infection and inflammatory diseases of the internal organs.

In adolescents, most back pain due to curvature of the spine. If pain except one shoulder slightly elevated, and IMEis a slouch, you should refer to the   Spine. Most likely, the child develops scoliosis. This disease can be successfully treated at the Institute   vertebrologiihttp: // 

Women discomfort in the lumbar region may occur due to pregnancy. The growth of the abdomen shifts the centergravity. Increased load on the spine. This condition does not require treatment. To reduce pain, pregnancy can be booked for a swim and engaged in strengthening the back muscles. &Nbsp;

Periodic, aching pain can occur due to degenerative disc disease and disc displacement. In this case, without manual assistance terapevta and   osteopath   can not do.  

Pain syndrome in the back during menstruation is not the reason for seeking medical attention. During the period of menstruation in a woman's body increases the amount of prostaglandins, which reduces the pain threshold. If you often have pain before menstruation should consult a gynecologist. Ratherall pain is not caused by disease of the spine and pelvic disease. Quite often aching back in endometriosis and uterine tumors.
Osteoporosis – a complex disease, which resulted in increased bone fragility. Bone then becomes very fragile. People 60 years of age should consult a  osteopath. So how older people are prone to this disease. &Nbsp;
After identifying the cause of the pain specialist to start treatment.

Conservative treatment is aimed at:

• pain management;
• Stop and treatment of degenerative processes in the spine;
• restoration of motor activity.

diseases such as tumors and spinal hernia require surgical intervention.

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