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Diagnosis of brain disorders of his work

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The man, though quite MoloDoi species on the planet (a universal scale) and does not differ impressive size, nevertheless is the most developed of all the existing views - the most striking creations of nature. The human body - is a complex symbiosis systems and organs, which harmoniously interact. Some kind of system is responsible for the formation of the frame body (musculoskeletal system), the other - for circulation (cardiovascular), the third - for ventilation (breathing), etc. From this we can conclude that the human body - it's quite a complex mechanism (in the broadest sense of the word), and any little bit complicated mechanism comprises a control unit that synchronizes the operation of all systems. Bthe human body in such a control unit is the brain. He is responsible for all the explicit and implicit (unconscious) reaction of the organism to external and internal stimuli. Just as, for example, a simple runny nose prevents us to lead a normal life, and any malfunctioning or damage to the brain, breaks the thin thread of the relationshipall systems. Brain damage can occur for purely medical reasons (immune, vascular, trauma, cancer, genetic disease), and from the point of view of psychology (violations of the subconscious, mental illness). To determine the root causes of violations of the complex of diagnostic measures, including clinicals laboratory research, gather the necessary information, MRI, CT. MRI or CT is actually indispensable in the study of the clinical manifestations of violations of his work, but its results can be assigned to more research, for example, a biopsy. Is not excessive (and in some cases the base) psychological assessment and pStarted brain.

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