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What is Qigong

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Certainly, many of us have heard or even used the famous phrase "East - a delicate matter." Kknows, can the authors of the film "White Sun of the Desert" and had no idea how they're right. In general, the East Asia - it's quite a specific region, with their religion, philosophy and outlook on the world and its device. Residents of the eastern regions of the planet in its long history learned more deeply understand the problems of the world and its own body, expressedfollowing such certain spiritual and physical exercises and practice. These techniques are widely used to improve the level of awareness and improve physical fitness. This approach is in many Buddhist teachings and practices, which became the martial arts. Take the case of China, a country where civilization developed much earlier in Europe. With whatWe, the indigenous Europeans, albeit eastern associate this country? I'm sure many immediately recall the Great Wall of China, Shaolin Wushu, Kung Fu and more. In the subconscious of our man, the last three of the term firmly associated with martial arts. Although this is only partly true. Initially, wushu (this is, in fact, the same as Kung Fu)like many other practices (eg Qigong) are recreational gymnastic system used for healing, maintenance of tone, self-regulation. In addition, oriental art - is, except for the practical component, and even quite ancient philosophical doctrine. For example, traditional Chinese gymnastic art of Qigong - itcoherent set of practices (combat, gymnastics, meditation) are cultivated among the population of China, as a practice contributes to the maintenance of health, general psychological and physical development of the organism. By the way, is practiced in the school Olga Garder. All Chinese know how, useful exercises (especially with regulatorpolar approach). Exactly the same, but a more comprehensive approach and the result shows and Qigong. Many studies confirm that Qigong is very useful, for example, weight loss, normalization of all or any specific. Qigong, as well as other arts, actively promoting use in the process of mass employment, etc. If consideredVat art of Qigong in the complex, it consists of three main components, or so-called schools:

  • gymnastics or medical school. Its main task is to cure diseases and ailments, through the development of certain forms of gymnastics. The main purpose of these exercises is to optimize the nirkulyatsii internal energy, which is the basis of any health and medical practices;
  • Battle School. Basis martial qigong is the basis for any martial art in the country, such as Tai Chi, Bagua, martial arts etc.;
  • meditative or spiritual practice. Practicinged in the monasteries, as a way of unity with the world.

The basis of any exercise Qigong is the correct sequence of breathing and exercise.

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