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What is a male potency

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Nature created us ambivalent, with male and female principleThat are sure to come together in the overall process. This process is referred to as sexual intercourse, and in the most general, natural concept is designed to transmit genetic information from the male to the female sex cells, thus completing the major bodily function - procreation. But human nature is such that even such an intimate process, wemanage to turn into an art, the purpose of which is to obtain mutual pleasure in the highest degree of their manifestation. But in order to get the most enjoyment and it is simply to be able to make love in full, it is necessary that both the man and woman were healthy and able to love games. In the case of masculinityscrap, like the ability to commit a sexual act referred to as. It is a comprehensive description of men as sexual partners, which includes such things as the speed and stability of erection, its duration, the character of the sexual contact, hardness and strength of the penis (penis), and so on. D. Notable is tThe fact that the term "potency" refers exclusively to men, despite the fact that women, in fact there is not even similar to the understanding of the characteristics. Another interesting fact is the duration of the potency (the ability to perform a sexual act) in men it persists for life, contrary to popular belief. Similar passtroystva reproductive system as impotence are not biologically programmed and developed as a result of certain pathological processes in the body (as opposed to women who have such a thing as menopause is an extremely age). The level of male potency depends on the psychological and emotional state. Maximinimum level is reached when the male psyche is in a peaceful, comfortable state, or during a heavy emotional outburst (positive of course), which is accompanied by a significant release of the hormone testosterone. On the contrary, conflicts (especially long), depression, experience nervous breakdowns byelevated load at work or at home, lack of normal, recreation negatively affect a man's ability to carry out sexual intercourse. In addition, a negative effect on male potency factors such as bad habits (smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction), excessive abuse of hormones (eg,the process of building muscle with bodybuilding). On the basis of the potency of the process will be held on relations between the sexes, so its normal background is extremely important.

Temporary loss of potency is possible, for example, long-term abstinence from sexual intercourse, but appropriate approach everything returns to normal. Vossthanes and virility are certain exercises, proper, balanced nutrition, medical procedures and drugs.

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