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What insect bites

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might like to pass without a trace, soand lead to serious consequences, the most dangerous of which is anaphylactic shock, cardiac and breathing. Therefore it is very important to know what steps need to be taken in such cases. As if there is a direct threat to life, then we must act immediately.

What relieve itching, swelling and edema withinsect bites?

  • The first thing to do when they bite – it is rinsed with water. Since almost every insect bite when introducing their saliva, which has toxic substances. Therefore, immediately after the bite should be washed with warm water the affected area.
  • It must be bitten placeapply ice, it can help relieve edema and swelling.
  • To remove the itch apply grated potatoes, onions, rub the boric acid is also good to make compresses of weak alkaline solution of soda. Relieve itching and help any ointments, creams, pastes, which are based on menthol. Among the medications you can use spetsialnymi ointments against insect bites, or rub the affected area Menovazin. Another help compresses with cold tea or decoction of herbs that reduce inflammation and have a disinfectant action.
  • When inflammation, which are expressed edema and tumors need to use anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Suitable oil haynogo tree, calendula, series, camomile. Also iodine can be used, alcoholic solvents, antibacterial agents.

Allergic reaction

Allergic manifestations, the worst thing that could be an insect sting. And well, if it's just dropsy or emptyingAnya on the attack of insects can develop very severe reaction that includes swelling of the airway itself, cardiac arrest, anaphylactic shock. Predict what will be a continuation of the reaction after the slightest manifestation in the form of raising the temperature – impossible, so you should watch the victims in time to provide resuscitationnnuyu help.


  • The easiest manifestation of allergy – a rash that can occur locally – in the site of the lesion, or across the body. It may be as simple as red spots or to be represented as papules and vodyanok.
  • Edema.He appears on the site of the bite, almost instantly, while in many cases manifestations of acute reactions may swell not only the affected areas, but also the face, neck and body. In this acute threat is a swelling of the airways, which blocks oxygen and a person may stop breathing.
  • Anaphylaxis, IS THE most dangerous manifestation of the body's reaction to an insect sting. Most often such a reaction occurs when attacking hornets, as its most toxic poison. When the manifestation of this reaction is an urgent need to provide emergency care, since the final pressure drop to a critical level, the person loses consciousness, and its system podvergayutsya risk of being incapacitated, it refers, first of all vital systems, such as cardiac and respiratory.

Help with acute allergic reactions

Since the acute reaction may be loss of consciousness and stoppage of breathing or heart, USDzhny be held the following CPR:

  • Apply artificial respiration, which is accompanied by chest compressions.
  • If these steps do not help, then you must enter the adrenaline or glucocorticosteroids. One of these drugs in people who have experienced anaphylactic weye earlier, should always be at hand.
  • If a person does not lose consciousness, he is in urgent need to give antihistamines.
  • If it affects the respiratory tract must be an urgent and anti-edema therapy to inject corticosteroids.
  • Post take diuretics, which allowsYat quickly withdraw excess fluid.
  • The actions to be taken in an ambulance, in the absence of breathing: tracheal intubation, tracheotomy, installation of moist air.

In any case, the first thing to do – call an ambulance, but it is better to refrain from this, if a person is lostmind and heart to stop their work. In such cases, you must first give artificial respiration and chest compressions, and then later to call an ambulance. If the room a few people, then call the hospital, along with resuscitation – is not difficult. Before the arrival of ambulance crews, if the personwill come to life, you must give antihistamines, as well as make the necessary injections that allergies should always carry.  

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