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The advantage of MRI diagnosis of the

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In today's world, despite all his scientific onesto technical and medical revolution, the number of serious diseases and their magnitude increases in proportion to the rate of development of society. Maybe it's the scourge of our time, the answer to the destructive way of life that leads humanity, and perhaps earlier, doctors simply do not have enough opportunities to accurately diagnose certain diseases (or do not haveand such opportunities). There is a serious group of diseases, such as internal organs, for quality of medical procedures in respect of which requires a serious and detailed study, such as MRI. Magnetic resonance imaging is one of the most complete and informative diagnostic techniques for today. It is almost indispensable for the diagnosis of serious lesions of the spine (low back pain, hernia), Suglobov (arthrosis, arthritis), cancer, internal injuries and many others. Research is conducted on a special, high-tech equipment - magnetic imaging service which requires a certain Mr.avykov personnel, as well as special conditions and requirements to the room. In Nizhny Novgorod, such conditions have been created in the Regional. The center operates a magnetic scanner MAGNETOM Symphony (Maestro Class), which allows you to perform the full range of MRI diagnosis, but especially used and focused on diagnostic studies in the field ofcardiology and neurosurgery. In addition to specialized studies of individual organs and systems. Diagnostic Center offers visitors to the city of Novgorod and unique service - onkoskrining, ie MRI of the whole body.

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