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Constipation and its types

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The human body is a rather complicated in all aspects of systema topic that has many mechanisms of regulation of the processes. Every day, the body needs to replenish vitality, which is due to the saturation of the organism in food. This process should take place with some regularity (in the most famous case, it is breakfast, lunch and dinner). But as you know, in nature there is ablutely processes, and any food intake clearly accompanied by sedimentation - feces, which are waste products of the body. By its nature - is, in fact, debris that must be removed from the body, since its accumulation in the intestine sooner or later lead to intoxication. And here, just, and includingyuchaetsya one of those regulatory mechanisms, which were mentioned earlier in this article. This mechanism is called defecation and it consists in reducing intestinal excretion of feces and upon reaching a certain amount of the latter (usually a normal healthy person threshold at which begins to operate the anal sphincter,approximately 25 ml of feces). In normal adult can have three bowel movements a week to three times per day. In the case when this mode is broken, but such cases are quite frequent, there is an accumulation of feces and utrudnyaetsya process of their elimination from the body. In the scientific, medical environment, this phenomenon is called constipation. Etc.and that the scientific community often disagree, about the nature of constipation - self is a disease or concomitant symptom.

Due to the occurrence of constipation include the following types:

  • primary constipation (abnormal pathology or congenital colon priobretennogof nature);
  • secondary constipation (consequences of injury or certain diseases, side effects of drugs);
  • idiopathic constipation (bowel dysmotility).

In order to prevent constipation should observe the right, it is desirableseparate, diet. But when there is a problem and solve it quickly need to, you can use a variety of laxatives, such as Senado - the perfect remedy for constipation:. This drug is mainly active substance is an extract from the leaves of senna (subtropical plants). It acts like aactivated carbon, cleansing of toxins and restoring intestinal motility. Senad acts as a stimulus on the receptors of the intestines, causing them to contract and force thereby implementing the act of defecation. It in no way violates the mechanisms of digestion,   and the effect is persistent in the range from 8 to 10 hours after ingestion.Although such an actual security drug has yet contra system which nonetheless have serious diseases nature of the organism (ileus, malignant tumors, hernia, abdominal inflammation, etc.).

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