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Restorative cosmetic products for colored hair

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A woman is by nature itsshe constantly strives for beauty and unsurpassed image. In this his pleasant pastime and regularly repeat, one of the key issues is hair care. Hairstyle is on everyone's mind is why, taking care of their own hair plays a significant role. Regular haircuts and hair coloring, without whichany woman can do, in fact, bring not only the aesthetic result. The downside becomes deterioration of the general condition of the hair, which is not an appropriate response can not only lead to loss of nutrients, but also all of their loss. For quality support and restorative hair treatment used specialialnaya replacement: shampoos, balms, conditioners, masks, lotions, serums. Each of them performs a single function, so it is desirable to use a complex of these substances. The shampoo is used to stabilize the color and saturation of color bands. Balms perform nutritional and humidification function predotrotate hair entanglement. Conditioners affect the texture and appearance of hair, supported by a major influence on the cuticle. Mask nourishes dyed hair, giving it more vitality. Lotions are excellent circulatory stimulant, tonic. Sera used for the hair, if necessary to accelerate the growth of hair andfix them. Their main action is directed to the base of the hair - its bulb.

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