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POS-materials: types, stages of manufacturing

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are products used to create pos. Mass began their IPwas used in 60 of the XX century. The use of POS-materials encourage consumers to purchase a given product, even if before going to the store for him, and he did not think. This is the main feature of these products, the high efficiency of which is due to the short time interval between exposure to advertising on the personand committing them to purchase.

Types of POS-materials

There are several types of POS-materials:

  • Outdoor. They are designed to attract potential customers to advertised sales point.
  • Internal. They contribute to the simplificationsearch for a particular product in space commercial space.
  • Input. Used to inform customers of the store brands represented in it.
  • Shopping. Contribute to better motivate the customer to buy the advertised product.
  • Pricassovye. Help stimulate the interest of potential buyers for goods with low cost, thereby contributing to their spontaneous purchase.

Steps manufacturing POS-materials

POS-materials are produced in several steps:

  1. First thethe exact purpose and functionality of POS-materials, as well as tasks that planned to use them. To do this, the client provides the customer information on the scope of their organization, target audience, and so on. D.
  2. In the next stage of production and manufacturing of POS-materials are developeded their options, communication strategies and be sure to put the project is checked in relation to different target groups.
  3. In the third stage the client provides the project with an accurate description of every detail of the use of POS-materials, followed by a check of the mainThe strategy of the company and the concept of customer orders for compatibility.
  4. Upon completion of all preparatory work, including briefing, training concepts and coordination of the project, carried out directly productive work. For the manufacture of POS-materials covers the development and carcass (metal-algebraic and plastic), installation of racks, holders, shelves, brackets and other accessories. After that, the assembled structure is painted, it applied corporate logos and any other selected client information.

POS-materials are constantly on the mind of potential buyers, but becausetheir manufacture and production must trust the professionals with extensive experience.

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