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Tai Wei Thai massage for your health

Novemb. 25 2014

Thai massage - presentsXia unique system of integrated health improvement that includes several methods of action, among which: deep pressure on the muscles, stretching ligaments and tendons, joints opening exercises that resemble the asanas of yoga, reflexology, pressing point fingers, elbows and the whole hand, activation energy flow in the bodye. The foundation of Thai massage is: the oldest of all existing in the world of medicine - Chinese and ancient Indian system of healing - Ayurveda. Thai massage appeared about 2.5 yew. years ago, and today, like many years ago, massage is very popular both at narodine in Thailand and allin the world.

The essence of Thai massage, as well as in other Eastern ozdorovitelnyya systems of the body - is to restore energy balance. Healers from Thailand thought that the human body energy moves in "sennam" - a variety of energy channels. In turn, in the Indian Ayurveda, there are channels "nadis" which, in turn, moves "prana "- the life-giving energy. Chinese medicine also had a similar idea: there is the energy of" chi "moves energomeridianam. All of these systems assume that the cause of all diseases are disorders that have arisen in the channels in the circulation of energy. For the treatment of the disease is only necessary to eliminate energy imbalance. So, profound work withmuscles and clicking on the specific points that are located on the projections of energy channels removed all obstacles to the movement of energy and renew it. Doing massage can restore full power balance. By the way, the entire set of energy channels - Thai massage uses the ten key. And do Thai massage in St. Petersburg you mozhete network salons "Tai Wei".

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