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Kaka same room, yes and no oven?

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The best bath - this is of course wood. The walls are made of logs and timbers hold heat well, breathable and couples withzdayut unique flavor. Due to the properties of wood, in a log and bruschatoy bath ventilation occurs naturally. In such a bath inside is always warm and dry. Nice atmosphere to continue in such a bath without additional ventilation. She also has quite a cozy feel. And, of course - is closer to nature.

It does not matter valix that you want to build: bath or sauna, you still need to remember that the oven is a key « figure » any bath facilities. The stove will depend on whether the heat in the steam room and will be comfortable and cozy in the lounge. And you can purchase in the online store "Fireplaces & Stoves".

The smell of smoke from the fireand quiet crackling logs for most connoisseurs of bath is an inherent part of the steam room. Therefore, electric stove despite the simplicity of operation, can never supplant the market wood-burning oven.

By assembling wood stove for baths or saunas are very simple. In such furnaces often use wood of deciduous trees (to prImmer, birch wood, whose flame gets high and straight). But remember: if you like a wood sauna, you need to pay attention to the installation of chimneys. It is, properly installed smoke extraction system will give you the opportunity in the future to avoid the hassle, many problems and repairs.

Since the burning of wood requires a lot of sourkind - in the bath optimally install wood stoves, furnaces and ash pit in which there are not a wig, and in the dressing room or recreation room, and in fact very necessary oxygen in the steam room. If the device does not allow the bath to heat the oven from the waiting room, while initially need to pay attention to ventilation in the sauna room.

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