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Salt deposits in the neck. Remedy

Novemb. 27 2014

Have you ever thought about why we agestart to hurt and crackle Suglob, deposited salt melts constrained movement, deteriorating mood and health. Do not immediately mow on the environment, harmful products, etc. As they say, the problem should be, first and foremost, look within. And it is especially in relation to everything around him, the way of life and diet. All efive problems are interrelated, though did not seem at first glance. To understand this, you need to understand the mechanism of functioning of the body, its structure and reactions to different influences. What is popularly referred to as "salt deposits", in fact, nothing more than as osteochondrosis. Deposits (osteophytes) may affect any of Suglobov,but most of them are subject to "Suglob" spine - intervertebral discs, including the cervical spine. In practice, this looks like a violation of the structure of the intervertebral disc, so that it loses its elasticity and shape, thereby infringed the nerve endings. The disc itself, the structure is cartilage kotoParadise as a result of malnutrition and lack of mobility loses its properties, there is a metabolic disorder, which, in turn, disrupts the normal flow of all processes in the body. That in other parts of the spine, other than compliance with the above points to the existing problems should be carried out by reductives procedures to help relieve the pain and prevent further development and complication of the disease. The best methods are physical therapy, massage, compresses.

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