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Israel - a mecca for Vascular Surgery

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The vessels - a pipe line of the body, which runs on the main hydraulic fluid - blood that spacingIT throughout the body vital substances. As a result of poor lifestyle in general, malnutrition, high (or vice versa is not sufficient) exercise, the work of this line can be broken. Failure to follow simple, in fact, rules and recommendations (repeat - food and dosage load) leads to violationsNIJ metabolic processes in the body and, as a consequence, alter the structure and quality of the vascular tissue. They accumulate garbage, they become weaker, lose their elasticity. The result of these processes are not quite comforting - the development of varicose veins, atherosclerosis, aneurysms, blood clots, which significantly complicates the lives of up to a direct threat to her. Xiegodnyashny day there is a more effective method to eliminate such phenomena besides surgery. In turn, it is unlikely in the world there are more favorable and experts for similar operations than in Israel. is a benchmark in this area. It was in this small Middle Eastern country, have the best ofthe best specialists in vascular surgery, clinics and clinical departments have all the necessary equipment, and, as a rule, an advanced, unique in its kind. Here spend the entire spectrum of preparation, diagnostic, operating and rehabilitation measures to ensure real results, which is radicallym improvement in the patient's condition.

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