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Removal of moles and warts

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"In a healthy body - healthy mind". So says a famous proverb, and this is quite difficult to argue. Moreover, that greatordinances internal problems anyway affect the appearance and, particularly, the skin. And this is not quite presentable in a universal desire for an ideal appearance. One of these, rather unaesthetic defects of the skin, skin lesions are - warts, moles, papillomas, hemangiomas, cysts. These Aretumors have a characteristic viral nature, as their development is caused by one of the strains of human papillomavirus (in scientific terminology - HPV). Although the nature of the viral lesions, a specific antiviral therapy for elimination of the disease has not been developed. In addition, certain tumors have extremely highs risk of developing cancer. Consequently, all the efforts of medical personnel to remove warts and moles, is to remove the source of the disease - tumors. To date, there are four main ways:

  • Surgical removal . The procedure takes place under local anesthesia using and wcect the removal of the tumor with a scalpel part of the adjacent healthy tissue (to eliminate the possible spread of the virus to neighboring wart or mole tissue);
  • Electrocoagulation . Procedure using electrocautery, which burns the tumor, producing coagulation parallel abutmentx tissue to prevent the spread of the virus;
  • Laser coagulation . Similar to the previous procedure in which the laser evaporation (gradual) tumors, which does not affect the surrounding tissue and does not cause bleeding;
  • Cryodestruction . To remove warts and molesliquid nitrogen is used, which is served in the layers of the skin.
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