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Aqua Mineral - cosmetics based on the Dead Sea

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The human body is satisfied with theno complex and perfectly harmonious in terms of the functioning of the system. That is, everything that happens in the body, any changes that are specific to a particular system or organ, in fact, one way or another, affect other organs. If problems occur with certain internal organs, a particular disease, the floorabout certainly affects the appearance of the person (in this case, of course, we should not exclude such a time as self-organization, personal hygiene and ability to look after themselves). Since we started with the problems of domestic, it is quite natural, as opposed to (or in addition), they have problems outside - effects on the body of the environment. This is particularlyimpact on the skin, which is particularly sensitive to the female half of society (oddly like a perfect half). The question of beauty and appearance for our women achieved by the use of cosmetics, the purpose of which is not only reductive, but decorative - creating a compelling image. In recent years, the market singinghave been numerous new brands of protective cosmetics for everyday care that promise excellent results on the application. One of these brands is Aqua Mineral. This new series of cosmetics, the effect of which is based on the impressive and useful recovery properties of the Dead Sea. Particular emphasis is placed on the age issue, in connection with flthey have the following basic product lines: OptimaYouth (for young skin), OptimaAge (for more mature skin), Spicensea (hair care), Nail Kit (for hand care). Due to the fact that relatively young brand, the particular base (substantially not trolling type) not as such, however, look standing ccgo places around the dispute as Israeli cosmetics DeSheli.

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